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Author, Counselor, Mental Health Advocate, and Safe Space Expert


Felicia P. Roche, M.A.

Mental Health Counselor

Felicia P. Roche is a mother, author, public speaker, professional counselor, and mental health advocate. Spending years as a justice system reform and education equality activist, she has committed a great deal of her time promoting awareness around mental illness and the impact it has on her community. Using her personal story of survival, F.P. Roche is committed to helping people heal and find personal freedom. As the author of the bestselling memoir, Unravel: Breaking the Cycle of Family Trauma, F.P Roche uses her own healing journey to promote the power of determination, faith and therapy.

Born in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, F.P. Roche has spent most of her life working in and with the most underrepresented segments of population and knows firsthand how certain disadvantages and traumatic events can leave people suffering with unbearable pain and left to survive. She is dedicated inspiring others by telling her story, as well as providing information and resources to communities in need. F.P. Roche is most passionately a mental health advocate earning a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology from Drexel University and a Master’s degree in Mental Health and Wellness from New York University (NYU). With her knowledge and background, she uses her expertise in mental health to promote awareness through speaking engagements, training and workshops.

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F. P. Roche is committed to addressing community and civic leaders about the challenges of those suffering from family and community trauma that includes abuse, violence, poverty, racism and police brutality. With focuses on mental health, she intends to keep advocating for equity and resources that promote a clear, just and thriving future for people everywhere. Her message of empowerment and personal freedom does not undermine the need for support and resources. She is the voice for those who are still searching for their own—always fighting for peace, wellness and



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My approach to counseling:

I approach every client and their needs with compassion and care using existential and humanistic foundations. Keeping cultural considerations at the forefront of our work together, I remind my clients that they are the experts of their life and that together, we can discover ways to have their needs met. I specialize in family and community trauma with a focus on breaking the cycles that these types of traumas can produce.

Individual Counseling:

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I specialize in breaking the cycles of family trauma, healing interpersonal relationships and understanding the effects of community trauma.
Approaches: Existential Therapy, Transpersonal Therapy, Narrative Therapy.


(Peer Counseling)

Creating safe spaces (this is for other mental health providers/healers), healing from family trauma, Turning your story into inner peace.

Speaking Engagements:

UnRavel is a riveting memoir about surviving unspeakable trauma and overcoming mental illness. As a professional therapist and public speaker, F.P. Roche moves her audiences by sharing her captivating story of how she breaks the cycle of pain using faith, love and determination to live free. Audiences leave inspired, believing in the power healing, and having the tools to obtain personal freedom. It’s time to UnRavel and Break the Cycle! 

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